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  1. Hi Wayne, excellent start.

    I got to know about your blog through Dave Nicholson.

    I like your cool header graphics and good informative post on web hosting to kick off.

    Checkout your widgets, consider removing the meta and consider editing your email address on your contact page to reduce email spam. Try something similar to wayne [AT] waynecooperonline.com.

    Here’s wishing you good success

  2. Thanks for the advice Tunde. I will change that now. As for the header… I went with Dave’s recommendation and am very happy. May need to tone the wording down on it a little initially though!

  3. Hey Wayne,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, I use the Socrates theme and love it.

    I would like to add to your other commenter about your contact page. There is a sweet little plugin that will add a contact form to one of your blog pages. I really like it. You can download it free at http://green-beast.com/blog/?page_id=136

    I’ll be dropping in occasionally as we progress in our online endeavors.


  4. Hi Wayne,

    Nice Blog, Nice header Graphic :)

    I enjoyed reading this post on web hosting as i have never looked into VPS hosting before… Hopefully i’ll need it very soon! ;)

    For the moment though i have a reseller account with hostgator which is more than adequate for my needs at present and it’s very cheap with great support.

    I wish you all the very best with the rest of Dave Nicholson’s coaching class and your online business.


  5. Hi Wayne
    Good post, lots of detail there.
    I just leave all that the the technical guys at the hosting company, but its good to know what the options are.
    Best wishes
    Fellow DN Student

  6. I use Host Gator’s reseller account. I find their customer service to be excellent.

  7. Hi Robert

    I also have a resellers account with hostgator…. among other shared accounts and am very happy with them. D9 are also very good!


  8. Thanks Jim

    I will certainly look into that plugin. Especially if its the best price…. “f’ree”


  9. Hey Wane,

    Very good start, I found your post really imporant as hosting is #1 in online business.

    Wish you all the best with building your online business


  10. Hi Wayne,
    Thank you for sharing this interesting post as reliable hosting is of paramount importance to any business. I would also like to add that it is also important to choose a hosting provider that will offer you the flexibility to change and adapt your hosting package as your business grows and your needs change.
    Best wishes with your online journey.

  11. Hi Wayne,

    Good article for getting everyone acquainted with web hosting. I learned

    something new.

    Looks like you are off to a great start!!

    Best Of Luck,

    Wayne Stanila@ Easy Home Business

  12. Hi Wayne,

    Very informative I learned a lot.

    I do like that header keep up the good work

    Best Regards
    Davy Phillips

  13. Thank you Wayne for your comments on my blog. I think you have started off well with lots of good information about hosting. Your header is eye catching and amusing. Congratulations. Betty

  14. Hi Wayne,

    Yep, great header and I love the image on the post.

    I’ve actually been contemplating switching over to Hostagtor’s reseller account for my niche sites. Another main benefit I saw was that you share the hosting with far fewer people than on the standard shared account. For now, I have decided to go with another shared hosting account with D9, as recommended by Dave.

    I see that the Easy Retweet button at the top of your blog has pushed your image over towards the middle. I’ve just moved my button to the end of my posts to avoid this. It does look better, but it’s a shame because I think the button is more effective at the beginning.

    Anyway, keep up the great work.

  15. Hi Wayne,
    Great post about hosting and the various types – I have definitely learned from it and hope that someday I will be needing more than shared hosting! If so, I will understand my options much better now so thanks for that.
    All the best,

  16. Hey Wayne,

    Dude, your blog looks awesome. Seriously, you really have done some nice work.

    I look forward to working with you, and sharing our success!

    David Maddux

  17. Hi Adrian

    I do have a Hostgator’s resellers account and am very happy with them. Would not hesitate to recommend Hostgator. But like you I also went with Dave’s D9 recommendation and I must say they do seem very professional. Using a few different hosting companies is not a bad thing… almost like an insurance policy…. just for “in case” one day you may need it!


  18. Hi Chrissy

    I am sure you will be needing more than shared hosting sooner than you think.

  19. Thanks David.

    To success!


  20. Hey Wayne

    Thanks for explaining the wonders of web hosting, it can be a little confusing when you first start out, you explained it perfectly.

    Found your blog from a comment you left on Ribert Simpsons, Sally :)

  21. Hey Wayne

    Great content on your page. I am sure I will need this information soon!
    Nice header too.

    Take care

  22. Hey Wayne,

    I was also going to say that I liked the header on your blog but certainly looks like it is already been well covered by the other students. :)

    Certainly looking good so far, nice looking blog and good information on the page.

    Well done mate and here’s to better things for all.



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