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Dave Nicholson’s Coaching

Well it's no secret that there are a good few of us following Dave Nicholson's Coaching Program so I thought I would do a quick update on how it's going. If you go to Dave's main page you will get a message "All Coaching Places Have Now Been Taken!"..... But if you go via the link on this page, you can still get into this exclusive course and I do recommend that you do. :) The week modules are videos showing step by step exactly what to do. No guess work as Dave covers all relevant information.

Week 1 Overview

In the 1st week Dave covers hosting and the importance of having a reliable web host for an Internet presence. So we got our hosting, secured a relevant domain name and set up the email for that domain and add this email to your email client. (Outlook or Live Mail etc. Not at all complicated when you follow the simple instructions).

You then go on to edit a basic web page using HTML, upload this webpage using FTP client software. So the 1st week gives you easy steps to have a web presence... this whole process is can be done in a couple of hours if you so choose!

Week 2 Overview

In week 2 you set up a WordPress Blog from scratch, setup and activate Akismet on your blog. Dave then shows you which plugins to add for now and covers the various themes you can use, making his recommendation of which one to use. You get to change your theme and start making the blog individual to you.

Week 3 Overview

Week 3 kicks off by adding your 1st post, tags and categories. You edit a post, add new pages and edit them. Now you learn how to add / remove widgets, create and edit comments and add an email client with an opt-in form on your blog.

Week 4 Overview

In week the focus is on monetizing your blog in various ways. We also got to add some cool Firefox add-ons to make it easier when setting up blogs.

Week 5 Overview

Week five is the start of product creation. Creating your own product is essential if you want to build a lasting Internet Business and Dave shows you a easy way of achieving this.

That’s where I am up to at the moment and enjoying every minute of working on this course.  Oh!  and if you want that secret link go here: